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RDM Am6 Max Case Presale

RDM Am6 Max Case Presale

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RDM Motorized Bicycle Am6 Max Billet engine case presale 

A fully modernized and optimized layout incorporating the most advanced RDM case components, crafted with precision CNC porting for any Stage 6 big bore Am6 cylinder kits.

Complete using a 44.5, 45, 46, or 47 stroke crankshaft. 46 or 47mm strike crankshafts should be used with a RDM AM6 stroker billet head, sold separately.

When complete, expect a Billet am6 case with spring bushings, c clips, bolts and washers.

Mounts, 15-30-5 seals, 6203 bearings and other components sold separately.

presale, expect delivery in 1-6 months. 

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