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Big Bore 880 SAW bare Billet Case

Big Bore 880 SAW bare Billet Case

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Product Description

RDM SAW billet bare case, recent improvements; clearance for stock 66/80cc crankshaft as-well as the newest RDM billet crank weights upgrade(see pictures).

Deck height has been set to run either a 39.5-43 stroke crankshaft + any Stihl 880 top end OR a 43-46 stroke crankshaft + a modified Stihl 880 top end.

Includes: Motor Mounts for Fake Felt Frame + basic case hardware, no bearings seals studs reed or cover hardware. Brand new Stock crankshaft to KTM50 ignition adapter included!!!

Short term presale! aiming for late May delivery!

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