Case Reed stroker AM6 Hyper Race Motor

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Attention, this product offers two ways to pay: in full or in 2 payments.  Please refer to (2/2) Second Payment Solution for RDManu Engine Builds in our catalog when you are ready to pay the second payment.

Top of the food chain, Stroker Liquid Cooled Motorized Bicycle Engine built with beating every other motor in mind. Top Race class Engine with big displacement AM6 power available everywhere.
44.5 stroke 50 bore, 87cc! With the right pipe, this motor should be capable of 18hp if not much more. 
Built race motor including everything except the exhaust, carburetor, and ignition cover (sold separately soon). 

  • RDM Gen 2 engine case.
  • RDM Billet mounts                                                        
  • RDM stroker race crankshaft 
  • RDM Stage 3 clutch system 
  • RDM hard pads 
  • RDM Billet intake (will require an intake boot)
  • RDM gen 2 hardware kit
  • KTM50 ignition system
  • Stage 6 reed

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Engines ship approximately 3 weeks after the engine is ordered. 

Custom Mount sizes are available, see store for custom mount add on. 

pictures may not accurately represent actual parts to used, in build.