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RDM AM6 MAX Billet Head Presale

RDM AM6 MAX Billet Head Presale

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Product Description

RDM AM6 MAX Billet Head is a superior motorized bicycle head, boasting a 2mm increased combustion chamber. As a result, it enables 47mmX50mm Am6 monster builds, ideal for motorized bicycle competitions.

The chamber volume is augmented by 5-15%, preserving or reducing compression. Additionally, the integrated coolant outlet is lowered, making AM6 builds simpler to maintain and suited for more confined frames.

(head pictured is the original head that will be use as a reference, not the actual head)

This product will only fit Stage 6 AM6 big bore stroker cylinder kits. The head is intended to be used with a 46 or 47mm crankshaft. The end result is superior timing, increased displacement, unique style, and superior coolant hose routing.

This is a presale, expect delivery in 1-6 months, lead time is influenced by demand for this product and demand in general from other RDM customers. 

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