Stage 4 Clutch Cartridge Assembly

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Product Description

RDM Complete Stage 4 clutch assembly, the ultimate clutch solution for street or for racing. 

This is the only completed performance Clutch Cartridge on the market, consisting of all parts to complete the assembly, including;
  • bearings
  • clutch shaft
  • clutch pressure plate
  • springs
  • pins and ball
  • keyway
  • m14 nut 
  • all related bolts washers and hardware 
  • pads
  • large clutch gear
 Advanced features include:
  • sealed inner bearings with plain thrust bearing
  • Ultra low profile external spring layout
  • simplified installation and adjustment 
  • slotted and drilled pressure plate and flywheel

 Enjoy the presale price, it won’t last! 


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