RDM Piaggio AM6 66/80cc 3120xp Athena : Motorized Bicycle Time Light Video

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I had ordered one of your new clutches from y’all and I have a problem I want to ask you all how do I put the clutch bearings on I know how to put them on but the only problem you gave me to a heavy duty clutch bear and a regular clutch brand that goes where they do both of us bearings goes on there or only one clutch bag on this is the crush band that I ordered from y’all are only one clutch brand goes on here and that’s the cluster and that’s where you put the chain on the other clutch brand you set in the back of the clutch that’s not going on so it’s important one or two on there so I know one got to go in the front of the of the chain where you put your chain on that and then lock it in and this request it out order from you stage 4 clutch cartridge assembly yeah please can you help me man I need your help man thank you God bless


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