Post up a video! Introduce yourself too and feel free to show what else you got going. For me it’s the shop. I’ll post em on my YouTube if you allow, also comment any suggestions or opinions below. 

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Quiero trancking de mi pedido

Marlene Rodriguez Franco

So when was it your going to tell us about the cylinder swap, it was sopose to be Stihl 880 that’s what I was buying parts for, no one messaged me to let me know at to ask if it was ok or would I like a return of money, no email,, why that’s not right


Most ppl dont have a facebook like me, never have never will, so it would be cool if u could upload any informational videos to youtube about your motors, i have been gathering what info i can, but theres hardly any info on your stuff on youtube,,,, Thank you all kindly, im ready to put that saw on a frame and build my piaggio, ggz-

Andy P-

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