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Engine Presale RDM Design

Engine Presale RDM Design

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Engine Presale, RDM in-House Design, specifically designed for Motorized Bicycle. Choose either 2 stroke or 4 stroke.

This is a roughly 2-6 month presale, the 4 stroke will be delivered first. 

Manual clutch, primary chain drive runs in an oil bath, see video for full explanation of benefits. 

For the 4 stroke engine, you must provide a completed gx50 engine (LUSQI brand is what is recommended), for the 2 stroke you must provide your choice of AM6 Crankshaft (any stroke or rod length, each engine will be custom matched to supplied parts) and bearings, and a AM6 or Piaggio top end. 

Renderings are a rough draft, it does not represent the actual product, the actual product will be further developed, but the fundamental function and features will remain.

Follow my youtube to see the latest developments and catch up on how this new engine has come to be.

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