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3/4" Clutch Adapter

3/4" Clutch Adapter

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Convert any 66/80cc or newer 85-110cc china 2t or any billet 2 stroke bicycle engine to accept 3/4"shaft gokart/minibike clutches aswell as pull start assemblies from 79-212cc 4 stroke engines.

Kits includes a 9 tooth-19 tooth #35 chain primary drive, changing the problematic gear drive with a chain drive reverses engine direction which is better for the engine since scooter top ends have piston pin offset that is meant for spinning in the opposite direction gear driven clutches turn the engine. This mean this ignition timing will need to be reset, luckily both ktm50 and china ignition systems can be used in either direction given magnet position is properly set. a timing light will be required for all ignitions accept for sallettra ktm50 ignitions since they have timing lines available. 

Output shaft will be 3/4" x 2.46" long, 3/16" keyway with a 5/16-25 threaded hole.

Starter assembly not included but are widely available for about $15.

Special billet "clutch"(primary drive) cover included to ensure a pull start can be fitted. 

Durable design featuring dual keys binding the sprocket and shaft, a thick walled spacer between the bearings, when tightened together the sprocket, bearings and spacer combine to effectively increase the shafts diameter form 17mm to 24mm.

2x "6003zz" 17mmx35mmx10mm bearings are included along with spacers to adjust fine tune fitment.

0.47368421052 or 2.1111111 gear ratio!


Short term presale, meaning sale will be short lived and delivery wont be long, the material is already being processed through the machines! June delivery.

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