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Ball Bearing Clutch Upgrade

Ball Bearing Clutch Upgrade

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This upgrade is a game changer, it allows you to enjoy your motorized bicycle in bicycle mode without worrying you will wear out the clutch release pin or worry the pin lacks grease.  Other benefits include longer wearing, noticeably easier pedaling when the clutch is pulled in, and improved clutch modulation. The secret is replacing the 8mm ball and original pin with a ball bearing/pin system.

This is listing is for just the ball bearing pin, it comes in 2 different lengths. The chain/clutch arm cover will need to be cut into so the  new pin/bearing can fit(see pictures), the cam also needs a little material ground away to clear the new pin/bearing, and the 8mm ball is no longer used. Basic instructions will be included. In addition, modified covers and cams will be sold separately in the near future. 


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