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Piaggio Billet Case

Piaggio Billet Case

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The latest RDM Piaggio billet motorized bicycle engine case, proven recently updated generation featuring all the latest and greatest technology. Pair with a RDM 44.5 or 45mm crankshafts, a Piaggio ac stage 6 70cc sport pro cylinder as well as a RDM Piaggio head, cylinder stud kit, minarelli horizontal style Reed + intake, and ktm50 ignition to complete the engine.

See RDM manual for assembly and rebuild instructions:
It is recommended to confirm the timing with a timing light, even if the factory timing is used; instructions for the use of a timing light will be provided.

Includes: Case, clips, split bushings, and bolts.

Mounts, 2x 6302, 2x 15x30x4.5 or 15x30x5 viton crankshaft seals, and cover hardware sold separately.

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