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RDM Crankshaft Presale

RDM Crankshaft Presale

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RDM Crankshaft Presale

ALL Crankshaft models can now be mounted on ALL engine cases. We have stopped producing 16mm journal cranks, providing 15mm cranks solely, which is the same size as the original engine.

Compatible with KTM50 magnet and standard ignition coils, users just need to use a timing light to set the timing. Comprehensive instructions are coming soon.

Select your stroke length carefully- 90mm connecting rod length. Don't worry if you mistakenly order a Crankshaft with the wrong piston pin size, conversion bushings are available on the RDM store. Our cranks purposely designed for 12mm pins can be effectively adapted to 10mm and 13mm pins, and we haven't encountered any RDM bushing malfunctions in our multiple years of testing.

comes with bolt-on crank counterweights free, use them to customize balance factor and rotational mass. this feature can unlock tons of power and dramatically reduce vibrations.

Satisfaction guaranteed.


PRESALE!!! current EST October/November delivery

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