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Mini Pedal Crank

Mini Pedal Crank

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Short Throw Pedal Crank, Adjustable width Choose from 75mm 100mm (pictured) and 125mm strokes. Universal design fits shafting using off-the-shelf "H" Split Tapered Bushings, standard 22mm keyed shafting, and a 22mm bicycle bottom bracket bearing set.

Easily adjust the width by fastening the tapered bushings at the desired setting and trimming the shaft if necessary. Attach your sprocket by drilling holes in it to match the threaded holes in the divided bushing.

Specs: standard 9/16 pedal threads.

Presale is for a pair of arms only, you will need 2x 22mm H split tapered bushings, 1x 22mm bicycle bottom bracket, and a 22mm keyed shaft. these items are sold separately and are widely available. You may also need 22mm shaft collars and or 22mm spacers as well.

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