Stage 3 Clutch Assembly final opportunity

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Product Description

Use this kit to improve clutch performance when using an external spring clutch system. This kit also spaces the drive sprocket out .2”-.27”. The dual row bearings keeps the shaft from deflecting returning adjustability to the system. The tighter bore meets the buck bar more centered and prevents binding. Overall this is a must have for anyone running a heavy duty external clutch.
installs the same and just as easy as factory clutch components.
Kit includes:

  • Wide Clutch Shaft
  • Dual Row Angular Contact Bearing
  • Japanese Radial Bearing
  • Extended Clutch Buck Bar
  • Clutch Lever Cover Spacer
  • Clutch Shaft Spacers for Fine Tuning
  • Ultra Heavy Duty Stage 3 Spring
  • Billet Clutch Spring Slider
  • Gen 3 RDM Clutch Plate
  • RDM Hard Pads
  • RDM Flower Nut
  • 2 keys